SuppoRTT Payment Process


Form 4 - Finance request form

  • Form 4's will need to be approved by a College Tutor or TPD

  • Claims for bespoke training/courses that have been approved are retrospective so Trainees will need to provide evidence of payment, attendance and a copy of the Form 4 approved.

  • If you are happy the Trainee has provided all that is required and the form has been approved, they can be reimbursed.

  • Please log all payments on a Finance Template and send them to SuppoRTT.wm@hee.nhs and HEE will reimburse this through the LDA quarterly.

  • If Supernumerary payment is being requested, HEE will require a breakdown of the Trainees salary

Expenses allowances

Allowances in relation to mileage etc. will need to be in alignment with the individuals Trust Employment Policy.

LDA Cut off dates:

June 2019 - 

September 2019 - 

Decemeber 2019 -

March 2020 -