SuppoRTT Payment Process

Form 4 - Finance request form

Trainees will be completing a Form 4 with their TPD/College Tutor who will need to sign off and approve funding that they have requested in relation to the Supported Return to Training process. 
The TPD/College Tutor will need to forward this to the designated Postgraduate team member to process reimbursement or send details to HEE if the reimbursement is salary related.

Claims for bespoke training/courses that have been approved are retrospective so Trainees will need to provide evidence of payment, attendance and a copy of the Form 4 approved by their TPD or College Tutor. This will then be reimbursed to the Trainee via the Trust and claimed back from Health Education England through the LDA using our finance return form (found on the home page of SuppoRTT)

If supernumerary payment is being requested, HEE will require a breakdown of the salary sent via email and total cost also added to the LDA.

Expenses allowances

Allowances in relation to mileage etc. will need to be in alignment with the individuals Trust Employment Policy.


When payments have been reimbursed, they will need to be recorded on the Finance Return template and sent to before the cut off date for each quarter.

If your department has a Reference you wish to use please add this to form so that we can pass on to our finance team. 

If the Finance Return Forms are not submitted before the following dates, payments may not be processed and will be held until the next quarterly payment.

LDA Cut off dates:

June 2019 - 

September 2019 -