Specialty Attractions

A Career in Gastroenterology

  • Teamwork: GI physicians work in teams, including GI surgeons, nurse specialists, radiologists, histopathologists, nutritionists and psychologists. Often physicians and surgeons share inpatient facilities.

  • Endoscopy: A major activity accounting for two to three sessions weekly.

  • Outpatients: Most GI disease is managed in outpatients and GI physicians generally see more new patients than others. Accounts for two to three sessions weekly.

  • Nutrition: Teams including biochemists, nurses, dieticians are commonly led by a G I physician to provide enteral and parenteral nutrition for all patients. One session weekly.

  • Physiological Measurement: Oesophageal and motility labs are often run by GI physicians.

  • Cancer: GI physicians form an important part of the diagnostic and follow¬up path, working with teams of surgeons, oncologists and nurses.

  • Training: Most participate in MRCP, undergraduate and GI training of

  • Specialist Registrars.

  • Research: Most have a good understanding of principles and continue to participate.

  • Administration: Management of teams and endoscopy units fallon GI

  • Physicians.