Total number of training places

2 places for post core trainees
6 places for National Grid Trainees

General Description

PICU is part of the optional specialties on the anaesthetic and paediatric rotations for post core training trainees. PICU also forms part of the rotation for general ICU trainees.


Specific details

PICU teaches paediatricians recognition and stabilisation of the critically ill child. Whilst in PICU, paediatric trainees spend 4 weeks in theatre improving their airway skills.


Who is who/contacts

Fiona Reynolds and Kevin Morris, PICU, Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Name: Fiona Reynolds
Title: Dr
Contact Telephone: 0121 333 9656
Profile: Clinical Lead of PICU

Out of programme training opportunity for those considering a career in PICU, Paediatric Emergency Medicine or Acute Paediatrics / HDU

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