Although doctors in training are able to apply for consultant posts up to six months before their anticipated CCT/CESR(CP) date, not all are either able to do this or are successful in their applications. The Period of Grace enables doctors who have completed training and not yet obtained a consultant post to continue in the Specialty Registrar grade contract for a time limited period whilst they find employment.

Doctors in training are required to notify their Training Programme Director, as the Postgraduate Dean’s nominated deputy, of their intentions regarding taking up a Period of Grace placement at a minimum of 6 months prior to the date of CCT/CESR/(CP). If the Period of Grace Request Form is not submitted by the required deadline, the TPD will not arrange a Period of Grace for the doctor in training. The doctor in training’s NTN will be relinquished at point of sign off for CCT/CESR (CP).

Please ensure that when you complete the form, you do it electronically, we cannot accept handwritten and/or scanned forms.

Period of Grace guidance   - All forms should be typed and digitally signed to prevent the forms being rejected

PoG - Intent Form 15.01.2020 EXT