Welcome to the West Midlands South Foundation School. 

The Foundation Programme is a 2 year programme of broad-based general training which forms the bridge between medical school and specialist/general practice training. 

The West Midlands South Foundation School covers a large geographical area spreading from Hereford in the West to Nuneaton in the East. It comprises of five Trusts in two regional areas:

Hereford and Worcestershire

Coventry & Warwickshire

Each two year rotation comprises of a series of six 4 month placements in a wide variety of specialties and health care settings. All rotations include a community placement (e.g. General Practice, Psychiatry, Palliative Care). The rotations are designed to enable the doctor to experience multiple specialties, gaining the experience needed to fulfill the Foundation syllabus. The School constantly works to improve the quality of placements and actively seeks feedback from Foundation doctors for this purpose.

Linked application at programme level

Not applicable at allocation to programme stage

Support study for abroad

West Midlands South Foundation School does not support or accredit doctors who wish to undertake their F2 year outside the UK.

Contact information

Head of School: Dr Emma Wales 
Foundation Programme Co-ordinator: Ria Taylor
Postgraduate Dean: Dr Russel Smith
Education Quality and Performance Manager: Jason Mistry

Coventry & Warwickshire
Trust / Site

Clinical Tutor/Training Programme Director                        

PG Coordinator

George Eliot Hospital Dr Suzy Matts
Postgraduate Medical Education Manager - Kay Harrison - kay.harrison@geh.nhs.uk
Postgraduate Medical Education Assistant - Emma Pratt - emma.pratt@geh.nhs.uk
South Warwickshire General Hospitals Dr Rathinavel Shanmugam
Mr Richard Morrell

Judith Morris - judith.morris@swft.nhs.uk

University Hospitals Coventry & Warwick

Dr Marius Holmes
Dr Tanya Potter
Dr Alison Franks (F2)
Dr Rashmi Manjunatha (F1)

Marie Midgley - Marie.Midgley@uhcw.nhs.uk

Zakkiya Moyeed (F1s)- Zakkiya.moyeed@uhcw.nhs.uk

Ruth Cottrell (F2s) - ruth.cottrell@uhcw.nhs.uk


Hereford and Worcestershire
Trust / Site

Clinical Tutor/Training Programme Director

PG Coordinator

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals


Alexandra Hospital



Worcester Royal Hospital

Dr Beth Williams

Dr John Robinson


Dr Ahmed Babar  (F1) 
Dr Munir Ahmed (F1)

Dr Alag Raakumar (F2)

Dr Beth Williams


     Anne Hilson - annehilson@nhs.net

     Sarah Page - sarah.page12@nhs.net 


Anne Hilson - annehilson@nhs.net / Susan Hague - Susan.Hague@nhs.net


Sarah Page - sarah.page12@nhs.net


Wye Valley NHS Trust Dr Joanne Connell (F1)
Dr Kaustuv Das (F2)
Helen Pryce - Helen.Pryce@wvt.nhs.uk


Page updated: 5 December 2018