There are 3 excellent schemes in this area located in:

- Hereford

- North Worcestershire

- South Worcestershire

  West Midlands GP Training  based on GMC National Training Survey 
Area Overall Satisfaction National Average
Hereford and Worcester 89.75% 89.76%
Birmingham and Solihull 88.77%
Black Country  87.52%
Shropshire and Staffs 86.92%
Coventry and Warwick 84.62% 

"In-Contact" GP Training Programme

We are piloting some new innovative GP training placements this year in Hereford and Worcestershire. The programme will allow to experience two in depth  attachments to  local GP surgeries. This will include an attachment to a GP practice throughout ST1 and ST2 to enable you to focus on your goal of becoming a GP. During the rotations in the first two years you will spend one day a week in the practice during your 3 x 6 month blocks in the hospital , to keep you firmly rooted in your chosen career speciality and one block of 6 months in General Practice in your ST2 year. You will then move to a second practice for you ST3 year.

Herefordshire Vocational Training Scheme

Herefordshire is a beautiful rural county and lies on the border with mid-Wales. It is within an hour of Birmingham and the motorway networks. At its centre is the cathedral city of Hereford, on the banks of the River Wye, and the five market towns of Ledbury, Bromyard, Leominster, Kington and Ross-on-Wye surround it. There is a wealth of distinctive villages set in unspoilt countryside and each community offers sporting, cultural, gastronomic and social activities to suit every taste.




Targeted Enhanced Recruitment Scheme (TERS) Hereford



This scheme is only  open to GP trainees committed to working in Hereford  for three years.The hospital component would be based at Wye Valley Trusts Hereford County Hospital and may involve any of the posts available to all GP trainees in Hereford. The training practices would largely be the more rural or market town practices, often covering large geographical areas providing care for a relatively stable population in the county of Herefordshire. 
There are 6 posts on the scheme that fulfil the criteria to attract the payment. This is roughly 50% of the possible posts  on the scheme.  Due to the rurality, GP's often provide a wider range of services for their patients and it is likely that you will have experience of working in practices with a strong team ethos, often dispensing and also offering some experience of working in community hospitals. These practices have very supportive experienced GP trainers and associated colleagues and you would be attached to a highly evaluated VTS scheme based in Hereford with weekly education and training sessions. 
Successful applicants appointed to these posts will be entitled to a financial incentive in the form of a £20,000 salary supplement once they have taken up their post.


Herefordshire VTS offers:

  • Experienced trainers working from attractive premises in Hereford City, the market towns of Bromyard, Leominster and Ross-on-Wye and more rural village locations in the county.
  • A well-resourced Postgraduate Medical Centre on the Hereford County Hospital site, where you will find our friendly, helpful administrators and where the HDR (half day release) educational programme is run each Thursday, 2-5 pm, during term time.
  • Three experienced Training Programme Directors, Dr Jenny Barnes, Dr Lisa Price and Dr Saadi Hassan, who value you as an individual and will deliver a relevant, interesting and learner-led educational programme 
  • Excellent employment opportunities locally post-CCT


Key Contacts


The 3 TPDs, who are all local GPs, are:

The ST1 year 

is spent at Hereford County Hospital which is in Hereford City. This comprises of two, six month posts in specialities such as Age Care, A&E, Paediatrics, O&G and Acute Medicine. These posts will be incorporated into the pilot ”In contact GP training scheme”  with weekly day release to your GP practice

The ST2 year 


comprises six months in a hospital post  incorporating the pilot “In Contact GP training” and six months in a GP Training Practice

The ST3 year 


is spent in a single different GP Training Practice. We try to give you a taste of both rural and city practices during your time in Herefordshire

The Teaching Programme

We run 3 x 8 week terms:

  •   Autumn Term- Sep-Nov

  •   Spring Term- Feb-April

  •   Summer Term- May-July

We commence each Autumn Term with a two day residential course near Ross-on-Wye. This is to welcome new starters, facilitate socialising within the whole group and provide an introduction to the academic year.

The Teaching Programme includes CSA practise days (one of our TPDs is a RCGP Examiner), special interest education days (e.g. Veterans Health Study Day, Substance Misuse Study Day, Teenage Health Problems) and learner-led educational sessions, which are both determined and led by our trainees.


We provide local support for MRCGP assessments through

  •   CSA Training Days delivered by our TPDs and GP Trainers and led by Dr Philip Clayton, who is an RCGP Examiner

  •   experienced Educational Supervisors

  •   responsive and supportive TPDs

  •   our teaching programme, which will prepare you well for your future role as a GP

There are academic opportunities to study for an intercalated Masters Degree at the Primary Care Institute of Health and Society, University of Worcester.

Career prospects in Herefordshire post-CCT are excellent in whatever capacity you want to work (partner, salaried, retainer or sessional doctor) and with the flexibility to move between these roles.

The quality of life for families in Herefordshire is second to none, with excellent primary and secondary level education readily available in both the state and private sector.

Want to know more?

Please contact any one of the TPDs above via e-mail and we can put you in touch with current trainees or AIT Leads.

Alternatively, get in touch with who is VTS Admin Lead at the PGMC, Hereford County Hospital.

We welcome exploratory visits to Herefordshire and our scheme. Come along and sit in on one of our VTS sessions for a taster or allow us to arrange a taster session in General Practice for you. You will be most welcome. 


Additional New Scheme


The GP trainee Medical Reservist Scheme in Herefordshire


Want to use your skills in a challenging environment ? Do you want to be a reservist and train to be a GP? Herefordshire is an ideal location to come and combine your GP training with learning to be a reservist. We have created strong links with the army reservists and the local field hospital to set up this scheme. The Scheme and the hospital will support your training. The scheme recognises that the GP trainee reservist require 27 additional days in each calendar year for reservist training. Over 3 years this would mean potentially lengthening your training scheme lengthened by 3 x 27 days i.e. 81 days.  However many of these days can be offset by taking an additional 5 days professional leave each year and using some of your study leave if you choose to offset this time.  Some of the additional time may also be done at weekends and evening.





Some of the benefits of joining the Reserves are:

•paid for your time and a tax free bounty


•training and qualifications

•sports and adventure training

•overseas travel

•armed forces railcard



The training, skills and experiences gained in the Reserves can be used to improve performance in the workplace and can enhance skills in areas such as leadership, team work, communication and decision making often in challenging situations and environments.


What is it like working as a doctor in the Reserves?

Life won't be dull. As a Reservist you will receive financial support if you are mobilised, access to varied work environments and as mentioned opportunities for travel and adventurous training.



"Being an Army Reservist has made me more confident and fitter, it has opened up so many opportunities and I have made some really good friends"



Summary of Appropriate Army Training Courses


MOD GP Highlands and Islands course 

Residential course held 3 times a year over 5 days

Rough mix of 25% GP curriculum coverage, 25% exam preparation and 50% military preparedness by linking curriculum topics to military healthcare delivery or preparing for their post-CCT role


ST1 level course held in November
ST2 level course held in January
ST3 level course held in June

Tropical Medicine:  Course is 2 weeks long and held twice a year


Underwater Medicine:  Course is 1 week long and held twice a year

Aviation Medicine: Course is 2 weeks long and held twice a year

Major Incident Medical Management: This course is generally reserved for those doctors about to be deployed and can be scheduled last minute

Battlefield ATLS:  This course is generally reserved for those doctors about to be deployed and can be scheduled last minute

Introduction to Medical Education

Blood Donor Course:  Course about a week long and held twice a year

For further information regarding the Herefordshire Reservists Scheme please contact:

Dr Fiona Kameen:  GP Area Director Hereford and Worcestershire

Dr Jenny Barnes: TPD Hereford  0121 483 4305 and  0121 483 4326 (they can then signpost to other units within the Hereford area)