What is the PGSoM?

Training to be a physician in the West Midlands gives the opportunity to train in an unparalleled range of clinical settings.


The region ranges from Stoke to the north of Hereford in the south, Shrewsbury and the Welsh Marches in the west and Rugby in the east. It encompasses the intensely urban Birmingham and the Black Country, Coventry and Stoke to the very rural Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire.


There are three medical schools (Birmingham, Warwick and Keele) and three world-renowned University Hospitals (Birmingham, Coventry and Warwickshire and North Midlands) which underpin an advanced research base. Nearly all postgraduate specialities are available to a highly developed level together with a broad range of general internal medicine, practiced across a highly diverse population.


The urban centres offer great places to love for those seeking to train close to areas offering a broad range of entertainment, places to eat and affordable accommodation, while the rural areas offer the chance of a more peaceful setting.


Communication links to the rest of the UK are excellent. There are frequent rail links to London and the North West. Within region is linked well by both rail and road. Birmingham International Airport offers flights within the UK, Europe and further afield.


The West Midland PGSoM is the body which manages all core (Internal Medicine Stage 1) and speciality training programmes in this large region. It represents a fusion of the HEE WM Area Office with the Royal College of Physicians for this purpose and is led by physicians from the region who have been selected by both bodies.


The School is responsible for all the aspects of modern education programme management including trainee recruitment and selection, identification of placements for training, curriculum delivery, assessment and the monitoring of trainee progress, recommendations for the awards of CCTs, faculty development and quality management.


The School also take an active interest in the training of other clinicians working in the medical model (ACPs, PA, non-HEE trainee doctors).



Dr Phil Bright

Head of PGSoM

June 2022



Last updated - 13th June 2022