Acute Medical Training in the West Midlands

The AIM Training Programme


The West Midlands Acute Internal Medicine Training Programme is approved for AMU based training over a period of 4 years.

Throughout the duration of the training programme, trainees will be rotated through a variety of Acute Medical Units and also be placed in the mandatory curriculum placements (Cardiology / Respiratory / Geriatrics Medicine and Critical Care).

All placements will be delivered in blocks of at least three months; trainees will rotate on an annual basis, undertake one of the mandatory placements each year.


All trainees will receive a structured timetable, which will include a weekly session to develop their special skill and a further session to undertake a Quality Improvement Project.


Trainees will remain on the general medicine on call ‘medical registrar’ rota throughout their training.


There will be the opportunity to ‘act up’ as a consultant in the final three months of training provided trainees have achieved their curriculum competencies.


Mandatory Training Requirements for AIM Trainees


  • All AIM trainees must complete an audit each year and complete at least one Quality Improvement Project (QIP) during their training programme
  • All trainees must meet the requisite curriculum competencies as per the ARCP decision aid
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS Provider) certification must be up to date throughout training
  • Specialty Certificate Examination in AIM (preferably completed by the end of ST5)
  • 100 hours of external AIM teaching throughout the programme
  • Attendance at 70% of regional acute medicine training days
  • Evidence of teaching others *


* Not on 2009 curriculum but felt to be necessary local minimum standards and likely to be necessary to meet common competencies. 


The Acute Internal Medicine curriculum is available for trainees to access on the JRCPTB website.


Page Last Updated 7th December 2020