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Anaesthesia Training in the West Midlands in split across 2 levels CT1 and CT2 (CT3 if ACCS)  then ST3 to ST7 Training. 

There are 2 routes for Core Anaesthesia Training and they are;

Core Anaesthetics training where you spend 2 years doing Anaesthetics with a period of time doing ICM.

Acute Common Care Stem is made of up of three years which is broken down into the following ; 

CT1 - 6 Months Emergency Medicine and 6 Months Acute Medicine.


CT2 - 9 Months Anaesthesia and 3 Months ICM (although this may be 6/12 and 6/12 dependant on trust).


CT3 you join the Anaesthetics Core Training Programme at CT2 level in the school you applied for at CT1

The Training in the West Midlands is split between 3 schools of which each has 2 Training Programme Directors

1 for Core trainees (ACCS has their own TPD for CT1)
1 for HST (ST3-7)

The Schools are - 

Birmingham School of Anaesthesia 

Core TPD - Yasmin Poonawala (Queen Elizabeth Hospital) 
Higher TPD - Cath Brennan (Dudley Group of Hospitals)

Stoke School of Anaesthesia 

Core TPD - Shashank Agarwal (Royal Wolverhampton)
Higher TPD - Chris De Klerk (Shrewsbury and Telford)


Admin - Ann Moore/Amy Minchin (Royal Stoke University Hospital) 

Warwickshire School of Anaesthesia

Core TPD - Robin Correra (University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire)
Higher TPD - Martina Bieker (Heartlands Hospital)


Further information on the Schools can be found on the right hand side of this page.


Page updated 5th September 2019