For training in the psychotherapy years, the trainee would be placed primarily with the Specialist Psychotherapies Service (SPS) in Birmingham although placement experiences with other psychotherapy services can be explored and discussed with the trainee’s Educational Supervisor.

SPS is a multi-disciplinary team and is involved in the delivery of a range of psychotherapies and the higher trainee will be involved in the delivery of these therapies under appropriate supervision. They will also be able to gain experience in assessing patients who have been referred for psychotherapy and in the latter stages of their training, be involved in the supervision of Core Trainees undertaking their psychotherapy cases.

Teaching opportunities are available through the Birmingham MRCPsych course and there are also opportunities to gain experience in the facilitation of Balint Groups for both Core Trainees and also medical students.

There are opportunities for developing skills in leadership and management such as completing an audit or a service management project in discussion with the team and also the trainee’s Educational Supervisor.