Development Sessions for Doctors in Training

                                       Developmental training sessions for all trainees being provided by HEE and Birmingham University(ISU).


Educational Supervision for Trainers (Train the Trainer)

What is a Supervisor? What does the Trainee need to know? How do you give effective feedback? Why use workplace-based assessments? These are just some of the topics covered in this module.



Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) Training

The ARCP is the key mechanism which is used to assess the progression of post graduate medical trainees by enabling a doctor in training to demonstrate achievements against a specified learning plan.



Equality and Diversity

In all aspects of the NHS, Equality and Diversity plays a central role. It is therefore important to consider the impact the individual can have and to fully understand the key principles involved with this important subject.



Bullying and HarrassmentBullying and Harrassment

West Midlands Deanery is committed to creating a work environment free from bullying, harassment, or discrimination and the NHS holds a zero tolerance towards such behaviour. This module aims to identify the different types of bullying and provide helpful advice if you ever find yourself or others in this situation.



Bullying and HarrassmentMedical Leadership

An E-learning module to develop the understanding of how managing and leading health services correspond to a medical career




Doctors In Difficulty

Supporting a Junior Doctor experiencing difficulties can be challenging for Supervisors. This module explores the notion of a ‘Doctor in Difficulty’ and discusses the possible interventions available to ensure a successful outcome.