West Midlands currently operates a blended ‘Scheme A’ PHEM training scheme in a 80/20 split with the core specialty over two years:





Scheme B is offered to some trainees after discussion with their parent specialty TPD. LTFT trainees are supported in a Scheme C training programme.


The core specialty training is provided by a rotation between the Major Trauma Centre’s in the region where the PHEM Educational Supervisors are located: at UHNM in Stoke, UHB in Birmingham, and UHCW in Coventry.


All trainees undertake a four-week period of intensive Phase 1a training with classroom-based teaching, simulation, and curriculum based specialty training before undertaking an initial assessment of competency.


This is followed by a period of Consultant-supervised operational training on the following platforms:

  • Midlands Air Ambulance (Cosford) with MERIT night car service


  • The Air Ambulance Service (Coventry & East Midlands Airports): day

       helicopter and night car service


    There are also opportunities for specialized training with:

  • Mountain Rescue in Derbyshire    

  • KIDS Retrieval Service in Birmingham

  • Open water, working at height and PLATO with HART

  • Extrication training with West Midlands Fire Service 


    There are national and regional PHEM training days and the organizations in the region also run monthly governance/M&M days in which the PHEM trainees participate.

Page Updated 19/08/2016