This model has been created by Witty Sandle, Careers Adviser for University of Warwick Careers Service

 We all know that a career in medicine is a lifestyle choice. With so many options open to you, some very familiar and others more obscure, how on earth do you go about getting it right?   Getting it as right as possible is important because you have to decide which specialities you want to enter half way through your foundation programme. You won’t be able to try out a large number of different posts before making a decision or have flexibility to change specialities once you are in run through training programmes. Nothing in life is 100% sure. There will always be uncertainties, complexities, and unforeseen opportunities and challenges. It would be great if the present and the future were tidy neat packages but they are not and neither is career planning, particularly with regard to medical careers where speciality curricula are changing and training is becoming more streamlined.   However, by recognising that much is in your control and by giving your career planning some structure, you will have a chance of heading in the right direction….so, why not start with the MEDI model?



The MEDI model provides you with a structured framework upon which you can make a well informed realistic career decision. It’s not a prescription that must be taken but is a recommendation that will give you a healthy career planning strategy!


Target users:

  • Medical Students
  • Foundation Doctors

Those providing career support to medical students and foundation doctors (career discussions can be based on this model to ensure structure)



This resource now be downloaded from here

  • Download
  • Complete
    • You may wish to use this resource to structure career discussions with your tutors/advisers/supervisors/counsellors etc
    • Make notes under each section
  • Reflect
    • Once you have completed the resource, have a look at your answers.
    • Make a plan of how you will address any deficits and put a timescale to this.
  • Act
    • Is further action required? What information do you need? From where/whom will you obtain further information?
  • Add to your portfolio.