This section of the website provides even the most basic information relating to a career in medicine. You can find information relating directly to your current stage in the menu column on the left of screen. However, you can also click on the links below to find the information you want:

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The following key points involved in making career choices are relevant at all stages of your medical career (from school to retirement). However, the approaches, useful resources, sources of help and your needs and desires will change.

A fantastic introduction to career decision-making, particularly for trainees, is set out in Houghton A. No such thing as a wrong career. BMJ Careers. 2007; 334: 208-9.

Advice, Information & Guidence

When seeking career advice, guidance and/or information, be aware of which you actually need and are looking for in order to find the correct resource. Advice is essentially about responding to enquiries and needs that are fairly straightforward requests for information with some interpretation. 

Guidance is personal and directive to help you to explore your range of options, relate information to your personal needs and circumstances and facilitate your decision making. Its job is to provide direction through questioning, clarifying and sometimes challenging. Guidance is usually delivered by qualified practitioners, counsellors, coaches or mentors.

Information purely provides you with the facts of “how it is” or what your options are. Career advice, guidance and information are available in many shapes and sizes. Your career advice and information should suit your needs and match your current situation.

Books see the Career Library

  • Websites
  • Reflection
  • Mentors, life coaches and career counselling
  • Colleagues
  • Appraisers/appraisals
  • Educational supervisors, tutors
  • Individuals who are where you want to be
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