Higher Specialist Training in Psychiatry takes place following Core Training. It takes a further 3 years of yearly and 6 monthly rotations in the chosen specialty within the West Midlands. A higher trainee builds on their core training competencies through further work in clinical psychiatry, organised teaching sessions alongside clinical and educational supervision. 

In the West Midlands, trainees are encouraged to take on special interest training and research. Research and Special Interest sessions are agreed with Clinical Supervisors at each placement and can take up to two sessions per week in order to facilitate the trainee in developing a special interest or a research project of their choice. 

A higher trainee will be encouraged to tailor their training to their personal needs and will be supported through those 3 years by their educational and clincal supervisors who work closely in collaboration with the Training Programme Director of each of the Higher Specialties. Each trainee's circumstances differ and special circumstances are taken into account. Supervision is a vital part of training from Core Training to Higher Specialist training. Therefore, whatever the circumstances of each trainee, support can be accessed and is available to support them during difficult times. 

Higher Training in the West Midlands covers a large geographic area, therefore trainees can ensure that they will learn and live in one of the most unique and diverse areas of the United Kingdom.