The plastic surgery syllabus is vast and it is worthwhile starting reading from the outset. The plastic surgery syllabus can be found here at the ISCP site. Recommended texts include:

  • Plastic surgery: Indications, Operations, Outcomes. Edited by B. Achauer. Published by Moseley. This is a comprehensive and readable 5 volume text on plastic surgery
  • Selected Readings in Plastic Surgery – This is an excellent set of review articles that are published in journal format. An order form can be obtained from
  • Plastic Surgery. Edited by J. McCarthy. Published by Saunders 8 volume set that is out of print presently but available in most of the hospital libraries. Good for descriptions of operative procedures. Useful when supplemented with more modern texts
  • Plastic Surgery. Edited by Mathes and Hentz – comprehensive, 8 volume plastic surgery text - replacement for McCarthy
  • Grabb and Smith’s Plastic Surgery – Good overview, lacks detail in places
  • Green’s Operative Hand Surgery – definitive text on hand surgery including accounts of operative procedures

While studying it is worth getting the seminal papers on each subject. Not only will these provide useful knowledge, but also they will be helpful with revision prior to the FRCS (Plast) examination.


It is advisable to keep abreast of the journals as best as possible. Plastic surgery is a relatively young specialty and many controversies have yet to be resolved. It is likely that seminal papers will be published during the years of your training.


The West Midlands runs a preparatory course for the FRCS (Plast) examination in May and October each year. More details about the WAPS course are available from here.

Reflective Practice

Details about reflective practice are available from here. This form of learning will be included during the final years of training and is currently part of Interface Fellowships.