Trainees can apply to enter IM stage 1 training following completion of the foundation programme. Following IM stage 1, further training in IM stage 2 and a specialty will be required to achieve a CCT in internal medicine and specialty training (Group 1 specialties). However, a number of specialties (Group 2 specialties), who do not provide acute unselected care as consultants, will recruit trainees who have completed IM year 1 and year 2 if curriculum requirements are met.

Medical specialties have been split into 2 different groups which follow 2 different training pathways – Group 1 (dual training with Internal Medicine) and Group 2 (single CCT)

 Group 1 specialties

 Acute Internal Medicine


 Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics

 Endocrinology & Diabetes Mellitus


 Genitourinary Medicine

 Geriatric Medicine

 Infectious Diseases (except when dual with Medical Microbiology or Virology)


 Palliative Medicine

 Renal Medicine

 Respiratory Medicine





 Group 2 specialties


 Audio vestibular Medicine

 Aviation & Space Medicine

 Clinical Genetics

 Clinical Neurophysiology




 Infectious Diseases (when dual with Medical  Microbiology or Virology)

 Medical Oncology

 Medical Ophthalmology

 Nuclear Medicine

 Paediatric Cardiology

 Pharmaceutical Medicine

 Rehabilitation Medicine

 Sport and Exercise Medicine


There are two key progression points during IM stage 1 training. The first critical progression point will be from IM2 to IM3 as the trainees ‘step up’ to become the medical registrar, and it is vital that the trainee has demonstrated ability to do so. The second point will be at the end of IM stage 1 when the trainee must be signed off for all parts of the curriculum and have full MRCP(UK) diploma in order to complete the stage of training.