There is a rolling regional teaching programme covering the main topics of the plastic surgery syllabus. These are usually one half day per month and each unit takes it in turns to hold them. There is a rolling two year syllabus and the dates are fixed well in advance to allow your consultant to arrange their clinical issues in your absence. Advanced notice is given by the units who are running the teaching. Attendance is mandatory for your ARCP. It is vital that you let your consultant know the dates of these events ASAP so that the necessary arrangements can be made for your release. It is common for the more senior trainees to have a mock viva at theses training sessions. 

West Midlands Regional Teaching Programme for Plastic Surgery

The timings will be 14.00 hours to 17.00 hours unless it is an ALL day session in which case it will be 09.00 hrs to 17.00hrs. A copy of the current teaching programme is available from here.


As part of Higher Surgical Training for Plastic Surgery in the West Midlands, teaching modules will need to be completed throughout the first 4 years, prior to entry for the FRCS (Plast) examination. These are arranged by the trainee with consultant staff in the department in which they are working. This will be part of the ARCP assessment. A list of the modules can be downloaded from here.


As part of the modular education system, some guidelines for the Management module are available from here.