Confidential Psychology and Counselling & Support Service

Phoenix Psychology Group is one of the largest independent providers of psychology in the Midlands who have expertise in most areas of applied psychology (Counselling, Clinical, Clinical Neuropsychology, Educational, Forensic and Occupational).

If you are a Doctor/Dentist in Training you can access the confidential counselling/psychology service ,Phoenix Psychology Group, through several media:

Telephone: 0121 445 4064



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Alternative View of the NHS

Please click here to view a video explaining the current NHS reforms and how these reforms unfolded.

Critical Skills Appraisal Programme

CASP; the Oxford-based Critical Skills Appraisal Programme, which has been involved in developing core evidence-based health care skills since 1993, has launched its new website

The website has details about forthcoming workshops & activities, the highly popular CASP checklists, as well as some e-learning modules.

Management and Leadership Programme

NHS Local Learning

This is a new service specifically designed to provide access to formal and informal training and career development resources for the whole healthcare workforce, at anytime from anywhere.

NHS local Learning is a digital environment created to support NHS organisations to deliver on their education and training commitments and priorities, enabling access to learning and development opportunities to support a blended educational approach.

NHS Local Learning can be accessed via where courses of particular interest for Specialty Trainees / Trainers include:

360 Degree Feedback Forms

 Dental Public Health

Online TAB is available, for further information please contact

 360 Guidance

360 TAB Clinical

360 TAB Non Clinical