Foundation Training


Study leave will normally be granted flexibly and tailored to individual needs, in accordance with the requirements of the curriculum and the trainee’s individual personal development plan. Study leave for Foundation Year 1 doctors (maximum 15 days) will take the form of a regular scheduled teaching/training session as agreed locally. Additionally, F1 doctors can use up to 5 days of Foundation Programme study leave for tasters to inform future career decision making.

There is no other study leave allowance for FY1.


Study Leave for Foundation Year 2 doctors (maximum 30 days) will include periods of regular scheduled teaching/training sessions delivered locally and, for many, no additional support will be needed. Study Leave may also, with the appropriate local approval, include:

• Undertaking an approved external course aligned to the curriculum: this includes an appropriate course enabling the F2 doctor to meet the curriculum requirement for ‘initiation and performance of advanced life support’ (unless already completed in F1) and occasionally other activity intended to support Foundation doctors achieve their curriculum outcomes.

• Periods of sitting an examination aligned to their future career intention.




For more information on the Study Leave Policy and Application process, please refer to the links on the right.




Page Last Updated 27th January 2022