This page provides access to a range of courses and learning resources which will be of use throughout your time as a Foundation doctor.

These workshops introduce you to the concept of career management and provide you with practical skills to help you plan your career. They are very popular and always highly regarded by Foundation trainees. See the Windmills Career Management Training page for more details.

Taster sessions are periods of time (usually taken as study leave) in which trainee doctors can experience specialties in which they have not yet worked. This can help them gain further insight and enable them to consider career options prior to applying for specialty training.

Taster sessions may be arranged in a variety of ways. A two-week block spent in one specialty allows time to get involved and really understand what the specialty entails; however, it can be difficult to get this length of cover for day-to-day clinical work, and trainees may find separate one-week slots (maybe split across different specialties) more achievable.

A Foundation doctor’s e-Portfolio is a record of his/her progress through Foundation training and provides evidence of the ability to establish and maintain fitness to practice through reflection, identification of learning needs and continuing professional development.

The Portfolio provides the structure and paperwork (forms, templates etc) to help individuals understand the process of their training and plan their development. It also includes guidance on the formal assessments that must be completed, along with other evidence that might be submitted to demonstrate competence.

For more information on e-portfolio - what it should include and how to maintain and develop yours - see the HEE WM Careers Support pages for Foundation Trainees.

The Foundation e-Learning Programme is a free and innovative interactive e-learning resource for Foundation doctors, linking directly to the Foundation Curriculum. The sessions can easily be accessed via quick links on e-Portfolio or from the e-Learning for Healthcare website, each taking around 20 minutes to complete. They can be used as a reference tool, to refresh learning or prepare for formal educational sessions within a busy work/study schedule.
The Tomorrow’s Clinicians’ series of clinical skills teaching films is produced in-house by the Ron Grimley Undergraduate Centre, a Clinical Teaching Academy based at the Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust.

 Page Updated: 11 October 2016