Before starting your training with HEE, you must take the following preparatory steps: 

To Download and complete the form listed below, please follow the following instructions (right-click on the documents and select "save as"/"save link as". Once saved you can complete and send back to the email address below). You must use Adobe Reader on a PC or Mac or your form will be rejected.

Attach the above paperwork to an email and send to: for Specialties other than GP and Public Health, for GP trainees

or  for Public Health trainees.

Form R's are to be completed through


Your first revalidation will be at the point of eligibility for your certificate of completion of training (CCT), or five years after you gained full registration with a licence to practise, whichever is sooner. further information on revalidation is available here:


Your paperwork will be checked by HEE. If it is incomplete or incorrect it will be rejected and you will be emailed with instructions on how to amend the form which must be actioned before you begin your training programme. Please note: HEE will not accept any forms that have been printed and scanned or sent via post.


Update regarding issuing of new style NTNs


As you may be aware, the GMC have recently asked all UK deaneries and HEE Local Offices to make changes to the format of NTNs and DRNs in order to enable more accurate recording of training, particularly regarding dual training and sub-specialty training where this applies. The process for this is still being finalised so, in order to ensure that trainees are issued with the most up to date reference numbers, there may be some delay to the issuing of NTNs and DRNs for new trainees. The Royal Colleges are aware of these changes, and new trainees should not require their NTN or DRN in order to register. New reference numbers will be issued via email using the information stored in our training database. The tool currently being used is reliant on a trainee having started on a programme to be able to generate the NTN/DRN, as such, if you have not received your reference number within 2 months of starting on your programme, then please contact


Please note that currently, the tool used by HEE to generate the NTNs/DRNs does not distinguish CESR CP, non-medical Public Health and Industry pathways and therefore, all higher trainees will be allocated an NTN C for the time being. This means that your NTN is subject to change to the correct suffix in due course once your training pathway has been reviewed and once the tool is further developed. Please contact your specialty team to inform them if you are a CESR CP trainee. If you wish to check these details please refer to the GMC website -



  1. Video guidance for opening electronic forms

    Please turn on subtitles for clear instructions.


If you have any issues opening, completing or digitally signing your form please e-mail and one of the team would be more than happy to help.