Applying for training in Learning Disability psychiatry is similar to other specialities. There are two ‘rounds of applications during the months of February and August as a part of national recruitment. The application process is handled by Health Education North West.

The requirements for applying are having completed Core Psychiatry training (with completion of all required learning outcomes) and obtaining membership of the Royal college of Psychiatrists. The portal for applying is called Oriel. Applicants make an account on Oriel and then complete the comprehensive application form. This form consists of a number of sections that deal with current and previous employment history, experience in psychiatry, research and publication amongst others.

After submission of this form an interview invite is sent to short listed applicants. The interview consists of two stations, each having two or more interviewers. The first station is a portfolio station. The applicant is expected to have a portfolio (in folder form) displaying their career highlights and evidence they have given in the application. They are expected to take the panel through the portfolio and answer questions that they may have. Having experience in Learning disability is a significant positive marker. Clinical and academic (research or publications) experience relevant to Learning disability improve the portfolio (and your score) significantly.

The second station is an interview with a patient or carer (role-player). The station will be released beforehand online so applicants are able to practice and prepare.

Following a successful interview applicants are invited to rank their deanery preferences.

. All MRCPsych exams are currently being conducted online.

More information regarding the application process can be found here.

For ST4 application please access more information here.

For even more information about training please access this link