Through its structured quality management and enhancement processes, Health Education West Midlands ensures that the educational outcomes required within the curricula for its vast array of training programmes are achieved by its Local Education Providers (LEPs) and in turn is producing a fit for purpose and highly skilled medical workforce.


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 Appendix 1 - Quality Standards  Appendix 11 - Level 1 paperbased review  
 Appendix 2 - Deanery Report (DR)  Appendix 12a - Pre programme review questionnaire
 Appendix 3 - Patient Safety form  Appendix 12b - Programme Review Quality Standards
 Appendix 4 - Lead Visitor JD  Appendix 12c - Programme Review Panel form
 Appendix 5 - Letters  Appendix 12d - Educational Supervisor review letter
 Appendix 6 - Specialty being reviewed  Appendix 12e - Trainee Review Letter
 Appendix 7 - PMET report summary  Appendix 13 - Multi-Specialty review (under review)
 Appendix 8 - LEP Quality summary  Appendix 14 - Panel Question form
 Appendix 9 - LEP Action Plan  Appendix 15 - Lay Rep feedback form
 Appendix 10 - HEWM review request form              


This quality management and enhancement framework provides the structure to enable robust assurance that quality requirements are being fulfilled and education quality is enhanced for both Foundation and Specialty training, which in turn are utilised to provide assurance to the General Medical Council (which now includes the former Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board that was responsible for specialty training) as the overall external quality assurance agent.


As part of its quality management framework, Health Education West Midlands utilises a variety of quality review interventions based on continual review and targeted review dependant on perceived risk to ensure the delivery of the education and training at its LEPs is of a high standard and meets the needs of stakeholders and regulators, enhances the quality of education and in turn improves the quality of patient care.


We recognised the importance of not only reviewing areas where quality may require improvement, but also reviewing areas of enhanced and notable practice. Therefore, in addition, this review framework is also being utilised to review perceived areas of notable practice in order to investigate and share this practice with all educational areas within the West Midlands. Where notable practice is identified, the appropriate level of the quality review framework will be invoked.


The following diagram illustrates the levels of the quality review framework:





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