Constitution & Structure of the Postgraduate School of Medicine


The Board consists of:

  • Head of School of Medicine
  • Training Programme Directors for each specialty and Internal Medicine Stage 1 and 2 (GIM)
  • Trainee Representatives
  • RCP Regional Advisors
  • A Clinical Tutor who is a Physician
  • Faculty Support Manager
  • RCP Regional Office Administrator
  • IMS1 Leads for each of the School zones and Royal College Tutors
  • The Board meets every three months

Day to Day Management of the Postgraduate School

This is through a Postgraduate School Executive Committee consisting of the Head of School of Medicine, TPD for IMS1, TPD for GIM/IMS2, the RCP regional advisors, the Deanery HST manager, the RCP regional office administrator and the Faculty Support manager.
TPDs/STC Chairs

The TPDs/STC Chairs continue to manage their speciality training programmes, to which trainees will be recruited following successful completion of CMT/IMS1 training.  The TPD for GIM, will liaise closely with TPDs in specialities delivering dual training in GIM, to ensure proper delivery of this within speciality programmes.

The IMS1/CMT Committee

The IMS1/CMT Committee is led by an appointed IMS1 TPD and consists of Royal College of Physician Tutors.  The RCP Tutors provide the essential link between the Postgraduate School of Medicine and the hospital trusts. Trust Postgraduate College Tutors support training in all specialties at the Trust level.





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