A Description of the Programme

  • Typically 5 years
  • Usually rotates every year – 5 stints during the training programme
  • Traditionally 2 university hospital stints and 3 DGH stints
  • University hospitals are – UHCW  Coventry, UHB Birmingham, UHNS Stoke on Trent
  • Though not a written rule, the rotation generally tends to be geographically scheduled: south, central or northern part of Midlands, with the above university hospitals being the base respectively
  • Change over in the first week of February
  • DGHs would usually provide experience on Diabetes and Thyroid disease; University Hospitals would provide more specialist experience
  • On an average about 4-7 trainees start each academic year    


Gain Valuable Experience

  • Being Endocrine on call
  • Supervising and performing dynamic endocrine tests in the Metabolic unit and interpreting them
  • Inpatient diabetes service (different models in different hospitals) and Think-Glucose
  • MDT meetings/ clinics – especially for pituitary/ neuroendocrine tumors/ thyroid cancers


Typical Week





General diabetes clinic followed by lunchtime departmental meeting

Antenatal diabetes clinic along with the obstetricians


Ward round






On call in Medical Assessment Unit




Joint pituitary clinic along with neurosurgeon


Young adult/ Insulin Pump Clinic



Endocrine clinic with supervision of endocrine dynamic testing


Ward cover/ troubleshooting