The Postgraduate School of Radiology was established to ensure the highest standards in the delivery of Postgraduate Education in Radiology in the West Midlands Region.

Recruitment is via the national process, with the school is responsible for recruitment and supervision of Radiology specialist trainees.

Trainees are encouraged to participate in audit and research in radiology and develop subspecialty interests.

Recruitment Process

It is envisaged that there will be approximately 25  posts available at ST1 in any one year. There is National Recruitment for Radiology and much of the process will be handled by the London Deanery.

Selection will be via interview and any processes required by the national process. We will aim to asses the commitment of the applicants to radiology, their aptitude for the speciality, knowledge about the speciality and relevant personal qualities and skills. Review of application forms, portfolios and relevant documentation will take place during the interviews.

Assessment and Appraisal

The West Midlands Deanery Radiology training schemes use the Royal College of Radiologists e –portfolio, which has just moved to the Kaizen platform.

The academic year starts on the first Monday in SEPTEMBER each year.

At the start of each departmental attachment the trainee will meet with the departmental tutor to agree Educational Objectives for that attachment. There will be a subsequent meeting at the mid point of the attachment to discuss any problems or issues and a final assessment and appraisal at the end of the attachment. Each trainee will have a 360 degree appraisal at least once a year.

The educational supervisors are appointed and continue with the trainee for either core or higher training or both. Clinical supervisors are appointed as each trust as the trainees rotate from one hospital to another on a 9-12 monthly basis, with a minor number of 3-6 month exceptions.

The registrars meet with the Training Programme Director and/or The Head of School as part of the ARCP process dependent upon outcome. This meeting is dependent upon educational requirements but is usually held in June/July/August.