Training Placements

There are five types of Less Than Full-Time post:

1. Part time working reduced hours in a full-time slot (PTFTS)

Some LTFT trainees may stay in ‘full-time’ slots, and work reduced hours, depending on the specialty and the opportunities for slot sharing. If the trainee wants to work greater than 28 standard hours per week, then they will work PTFTS. Negotiating an agreement allowing a full weekday away from work, or two half days or more, LTFT start and finish times, may enable a trainee to cope with demands outside their medical training.

2. Slot Share

Two LTFT trainees work together to cover the duties of a full-time post. Trainees are expected to work at 60% of full-time. If a trainee has exceptional circumstances then 50% may be considered after discussion with Dr Goodyear. The duration of the slot share must be coordinated with the duration of the full-time post eg a 4 month full-time post will be undertaken in 8 months by 2 slot share partners and a 6 month full-time post in 12 months. Unlike a job share, LTFT trainee slot share partners are likely to change during the training programme, depending on the individual training needs and circumstances.

SpRs/StRs - the Chair of Training or Programme Director (if applicable) and LTFT Training Specialty Advisor will be informed that a slot share is needed. Heads of Postgraduate Schools will be informed.

General Practice StRs should liaise with their Course Organisors and Area Directors regarding available slot shares.

A GP StR and a Specialty StR can slot share.

F1 and F2 trainees should contact Dr Goodyear regarding slot sharing. Doctors wishing to work part-time should apply to the multi deanery appointments process for foundation training in exactly the same way as full-timers. A LTFT F1 post will be arranged after successful appointment.

3 for 2 arrangements

This is three trainees working in two posts, this is usually made up of two 80% trainees and 60% trainee but there is variations to the 3 for 2 arrangements but they will need to be discussed with Dr Goodyear.

4. Supernumerary posts

Supernumerary posts in the West Midlands are currently limited only to LTFT trainees who have exceptional individual training needs and cannot therefore be placed in a slot share or part-time in a full-time post. Supernumerary posts are additional to the normal complement of trainees and difficulties can be encountered in getting equal training opportunities to full-timers.

4. Job Share

A training placement can be divided between two trainees, so that all the duties of the original full-time post are covered by the two trainees. Provided the employer is satisfied that the job sharers are the best candidates at appointment, no eligibility criteria are needed. Job shares are organised by the two individuals and not the LTFT Training department. To count towards training, both job share partners must work at 50%.