The Specialty

Clinical Neurophysiology is a branch of the neurosciences which is concerned with the investigation of neurological disease by techniques, which depend up the electrical properties of neural tissue and muscle. 

The Specialty is primarily involved with the diagnosis of nerve entrapments, neuromuscular disease, epilepsy and ophthalmological disease. It increasingly includes the intraoperative monitoring of the integrity of the spinal cord during scoliosis surgery. 

Other uses include mapping of the cortex during epilepsy surgery and Iocalisation of the subthalamic nuclei for surgery for Parkinson’s Disease and tremor.

Essential Qualifications
Entry into the SpR grade requires MRCP and general professional training in General Medicine. Previous experience in clinical or basic neurosciences is essential.

Personal Qualities

  • An interest in basic neuroscience

  • An interest in acquiring practical investigative procedural skills

  • Aptitude for electronics and computing