Clinical Neurophysiology is a medical specialty, which is allied to many specialties, but particularly to Neurology, Ophthalmology and Neurosurgery. It is a diagnostic specialty, which covers both adults and pediatric nervous system and muscular pathologies.


It utilizes Clinical neurological examination followed by the use of specialised equipments to investigate peripheral and central neurological diseases. Daily routine includes the diagnosis of various neuropathies, neuromuscular diseases, epilepsy, visual and auditory pathway assessments for diseases like multiple sclerosis and retinal disorders. Further role and demand for Clinical Neurophysiology is evolving in view of  rapid development of intraoperative neuro- monitoring, surgical epilepsy work-up and continuous monitoring of seizures, head injuries and post cardiac arrest patients.


Clinical Neurophysiology is a very family friendly and interesting specialty with enormous potential for neurological research and excellent career prospects in major neuroscience departments in mostly major hospitals. It operates as a hospital based outpatient specialty with some hospital;ls offering an on call cover from home for EEG. Consultants with support of clinical physiologists and healthcare scientists lead the clinics. It is featured in the BMJ Career Focus (326: 31 May 2003, s183).





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