Health Education England (HEE) is responsible for providing you with assistance for relocation expenses, including removal or excess mileage. Such claims are administered by your employer.  HEE has introduced a new, national framework across England for all trainees commencing training programmes from 5 August 2020. The purpose of the national framework is to ensure equality of treatment for all trainees across the HEE regions. At the request of the BMA, it has been agreed that this will not be implemented in August as sufficient consultation has not been able to take place given other priorities.


By accepting a place on the training programme, you agree that your entitlement to reclaim expenses and removal costs will be subject to the new framework once it is introduced.


The latest national framework was published in November 2020 when press statements were released by both the BMA and HEE. The new guidance is available via the link on the right. Locally we have been working with employers and the BMA and the new guidance has been implemented as follows:



Please refer to the Travel/Relocation FAQs for further information on the Overall Framework and for Frequently Asked Questions.



If you have any queries about relocation and excess travel please always contact your employer first (Medical Staffing) and if you have any queries for HEE, please contact my team on





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