How can my Career be further Developed?
Diabetes is one of the most dynamic specialties in the world with lots of ongoing research programmes and new opportunities. 

The Deanery and the STC panel are quite receptive of Out of Programme, as long as adequate notice is given to come OOP (usually 6 months). 

Academic Fellowships
There are provision of academic fellowships and research fellowships at various hospitals in the Deanery.

Teaching fellowships are again advertised annually from the various universities in the deanery – Warwick, Keele and Birmingham university. 

Teaching is an essential part of the curriculum and again lots of opportunities would be provided, both at the deanery and the hospital level. Schedule of teaching provided and feedback need to be accumulated over the programme and evidence should be provided in ARCP. 

The Young Diabetologist Forum
The Young Diabetologist Forum is a part of Diabetes UK meant for registrars in training. 

After a free registration with this forum, there would be an opportunity to attend lots of courses (many of which are free) that are tailored towards the curriculum (some of these include Insulin Pump course, Community Diabetes course, Diabetic Retinopathy course, Kings Fund Management course, YDF registrar’s day etc.)