We have regional training whole days – currently on the first Monday of every month - covering a broad range of haematology topics and also deliver sessions on research and management aspects.  Regional trainers are highly enthusiastic teachers and deliver this high quality programme. These are friendly and fun opportunities to meet co-workers across the whole region. There is time during this programme for a trainee forum and any aspects of training can be discussed and fed back to the TPD.


In addition to this the West Midlands also has various educational days throughout the year including ‘Blood Club’ and ‘Post ASH’ meetings.


Trainees are encouraged to attend and present at the British Society of Haematology meeting which is the largest national haematology annual meeting where the West Midlands is usually well represented.


More recently the School of Medicine and Surgery in the WM has launched a virtual learning platform. Haematology has embraced this, transitioning from the initial TEAMS on which the virtual programme re-commenced to allow social distancing and it promises to be an exciting venture and will enhance teaching for the trainees in haematology with the ability to deliver a spiral developmental curriculum and greater ability to invite external speakers. Trainees are expected to undertake this training away from the work environment.


Mentor System


All new trainees to the region will be provided a “mentor” who is a current haematology specialist registrar in the Deanery who has usually been through the trainees ‘start up’ placement and so has local knowledge and experience - they will contact the ST3 and new trainees are welcome to contact them prior to commencing their rotation as well as during their training, for information and guidance.


Induction Programme


All new trainees to the region will be invited in the first few months to an induction programme delivered in 3-4 sessions to be able to rapidly gain the basic knowledge to deal with common haematology issues and emergencies.





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