The paediatric training posts at 21 trusts within the region are organised into programme-based rotations. Currently there are 121 posts available for ST1-3 level training, some of which will be Fixed Term Specialty Training Appointment (FTSTA) posts and 146 for training in ST4 onwards.

  • During ST1 and 2 programme, there are four posts of six months, each consisting of general paediatrics in a large hospital, neonatology, general paediatrics in a smaller unit, and sub-specialty placement including community paediatrics. These posts may be undertaken in any order.
  • ST3 rotations consist of further experience in general paediatrics with many posts being those formerly labelled as Senior SHO posts with second on call responsibilities, neonatal paediatrics in a level 3 unit or further sub-specialty paediatrics
  • ST4 and 5 rotations will consist of four posts of six months each, two in general Paediatrics, neonatology and community paediatrics. Posts will have second on call responsibilities and may be undertaken in any order
  • ST6 training onwards will be decided according to individuals needs.



Specific information pertaining to recruitment for a September start

Please find below a document containing information about how Level 1 training and the introduction of 3 year rotations works, as well as some example rotations.

Please click here to open: Paediatric Level 1 training Placements 2020-2021