The Acute Care Common Stem curriculum in the West Midlands is met using hospitals based across the region. It is one of the most popular curricula applied to in United Kingdom Postgraduate Medicine due to its ability to deliver a broad base of experience prior to progressing to specialty training.

ST1/CT1 Level

The hospitals below provide training opportunities at CT1 level in Acute Medicine and Emergency Medicine. The trainee would expect to spend their first year at one of these hospitals with 6 months being spent in each of the 2 specialties

The posts within these hospitals have been specially selected for ACCS since they provide an ideal case mix to achieve the competencies contained in the ACCS curriculum. The posts have been used now since the inception of ACCS and are known to reliably deliver ACCS training requirements.

ST2/CT2 Level

CT2 ACCS in West Midlands comprises 6 months of Anaesthesia and 6 months of Intensive Care Medicine which would be undertaken at one of the hospitals listed below. Again the posts used in these hospitals are known to deliver a wide variety of experience and give ample opportunities to achieve the curriculum requirements.

Work Place Based Assessments

Work Place Based Assessments (WPBA) for the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) are as laid down by the Intercollegiate Committee for Acute Care Common Stem Training. In addition, in CT 2, the trainee is expected to achieve the Initial Assessment of Competence in Anaesthesia as laid down by the Royal College of Anaesthetists and the Basic Level Competencies in Intensive Care Medicine as laid down by the Intercollegiate Board for Training in Intensive Care Medicine (IBTICM).

Explicit instructions regarding the requirements for a successful ARCP are sent out by the TPD at the start of each academic year and published on the website here, 

Educational Programme & Supervision

The educational program followed is that of the post in which the trainee is placed since they are expected to develop the skills relevant to that post. The training record used is that of the parent College of the trainee's selected speciality in order to provide continuity in future years of training.

Trainees will be allocated an Educational Supervisor in each of their posts who will assist the trainee with appraisal and ARCP requirements.

ACCS ARCP Documents

 ACCS ARCP Checklist CT1 -ST1

ACCS ARCP Checklist CT2 - ST2

 ACCS ARCH Checklist Decision Tables

  ICACCST Advice  ARCP re COVID-19 Update

Contact Details

Training Programme Director: Dr Ed Briggs