Dermatology is a fascinating medical Specialty with more than 4000 possible known diagnoses. Dermatologists look after patients of all ages and train in dermatological surgery as well as medicine.



There are many specialist areas within Dermatology such as skin cancer, paediatric dermatology, vulval/genital dermatology, psychodermatology, dermatopathology and disorders affecting hair and nails. 


If you are hard- working and want to practice with high standards of clinical care this could be the career for you.


What Personal Qualities are Required?


  • A strong visual memory helps quick and easy learning & organisational skills. These skills will help you deal with a Specialty which has high volumes of work at times
  • Excellent communication skills also help a great deal in dealing with sensitive issues
  • An enquiring mind -  there are many unanswered questions in Dermatology and plenty of research opportunities
  • Good communication skills and interpersonal skills are essential due of the considerable degree of psychological overlay in patients with skin conditions
  • Reliability, self-motivation, punctuality, flexibility and good team players

Dermatology Curriculum and Portfolio update meeting (6 July 2023)

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