Supervisors of Public Health Training

PMETB require that all accredited Educational Supervisors in all Specialties have attended accredited Training the Trainer CPD within the last 3 years as from the 1st January 2010.  In other words to be an Accredited Public Health Trainer you will need to inform us of Accredited CPD that you have undertaken for Training the Trainer in the  years
2007,2008 or 2009.

Please email back to details of the Training the Trainer CPD that you have attended over past 3 years which can include

1) Deanery run Generic Training the Trainer events.

2) Training the Trainer events organized by John Linnane from Walsall PCT with Kay Mohana.

3) Training the Trainer CPD workshops at Regional CPD events run by Rob Cooper.

4) Specific Training The Public Health Trainer workshops run by Rob Cooper.

5) The 19th October 2009 e-portfolio Training event to be held at the Clarendon Suite.

6) Anything else officially accredited.

If you have never been on a basic Deanery approved Training the Trainer course then please organize to go on one by emailing: or Tel: 0121 695 2504 and please arrange to attend a course before the end of 2009.  Many courses have been arranged so that all West Midlands Educational Supervisors in all Specialties can meet the PMETB requirements.

Please send all email all queries to