Information on how to apply for Core Training in Psychiatry can be found via the national recruitment website

The recruitment process takes place twice a year, for start dates in August and February. Applications generally open approximately six months prior to this (in August for the following February, and in February for the upcoming August).

Applicants are expected to have completed the MSRA examination in addition to the application. Successful candidates will have obtained a high enough score to proceed to the next round- the interview stage. Those who do exceptionally well in the exam depending on cut off scores for that year, will be eligible for a place on the training programme without having to go to interview.

At interview, applicants will be required to complete a number of stations- one is an OSCE station and usually involves taking a psychiatric history in the allotted time. There is also a portfolio station where the candidate is required to showcase their accomplishments and achievements from their work thus far. This should include ARCP outcomes from FY1 and FY2 as well as Quality Improvement , Audit projects and TABS.