The Royal College of Pathology (RCPath) is responsible for producing the training curriculum, delivery of assessments and ultimately awarding the Certification of Completion of Training.  Below is a brief outline of the curriculum and how it is delivered in the West Midlands region.

The curriculum is divided into four stages:

·         Stage A - Between  0 - 12 months equivalent full time training

·         Stage B - Between 13 and 36 months equivalent full time training

·         Stage C - Between 25 and 48 months equivalent full time training

·         Stage D - Compulsory 12 months equivalent full time training following successful completion of the FRCpath exam

The curriculum divides the knowledge and skills trainees must acquire into:

·         Basic knowledge and skills

·         Clinical Histopathology including: surgical pathology, non-cervical cytopathology and autopsy

·         Sub-specialist areas of Histopathology: neuropathology and paediatric pathology and potential to undertake subspeciality training in these areas

·         Generic skills required for histopathology

At each stage of training there is a minimum acceptable training requirement of numbers of cases seen, with cases recorded in a trainee log book. 

There are 3 potential optional ‘bolt on’ programmes which can be added to the core training.  These are equivalent to 3 months in:

·         Higher autopsy training

·         Cervical cytopathology

·         Research methodology

For each module undertaken training is lengthened by 3 months at stage C i.e 9 months additional training if all modules are undertaken.



Training in the following subspecialities has undergone major reconfiguration by the college:

·         Neuropathology

·         Cytopathology

·         Forensic Pathology

·         Paediatric Pathology

Please see the college website for further details