What does a long term Career in ID Offer?

Huge variety! There is virtually no private medicine. Traditionally, many consultants’ posts have a strong academic component. The recent trend is for more full time clinical posts.ID-GIM trained consultants have also been sought after for jobs with a significant component of acute medicine. This variety of opportunities means there is very little concern about lack of consultant posts for infection specialists at the end of training.

How do I make myself competitive for training posts?

Commitment to the specialties needs to be demonstrated, for example by tropical electives, a self funded DTM&H, etc. Experience of any infection specialty at FY or CMT level can be helpful.

How can my Career be Further Developed?

Out of Programme Experience or Research is strongly encouraged and well supported for our trainees by the Deanery, and all recent trainees have spent or are embarking on extended periods of time in research or further studies, mostly in overseas, including resource-poor settings

Examples of Out Of Programme placements 2012-15:

  • Sierra Leone Ebola Treatment centres
  • MRC funded studies in Guinea Bissau on trachoma
  • Wellcome Trust units in SE Asia studying severe malaria, and melioidosis as a model of sepsis
  • Wellcome Trust funded study of Cryptococcosis & immune reconstitution in HIV in South Africa
  • Assessment of training needs for HIV care in Henan Province China
  • Epidemiology of Tuberculosis, Warwick
  • Rotavirus studies, Vaccine research group, Oxford
  • Other trainees have had time out of programme to do a Master’s in Public Health (in Sydney) and a Master in Medical Education