Through its structured quality management and enhancement processes, NHS West Midlands Deanery (the Deanery) ensures that the educational outcomes required within the curricula for its vast array of training programmes are achieved by its Local Education Providers (LEPs) and in turn is producing a fit for purpose and highly skilled medical workforce. 

The Quality Management and Enhancement Framework provides the structure to enable robust assurance that quality requirements are being fulfilled and education quality is enhanced for both Foundation and Specialty training, which in turn are utilised to provide assurance to the General Medical Council (which now includes the former Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board that was responsible for specialty training) as the overall external quality assurance agent for the Deanery. 

As part of its quality management framework, the Deanery utilises a variety of quality review interventions based on continual review and targeted review dependant on perceived risk to ensure the delivery of the education and training at its LEPs is of a high standard and meets the needs of stakeholders and regulators, enhances the quality of education and in turn improves the quality of patient care.

The Visitors Training Day will provide colleagues with the necessary knowledge of the Quality and Enhancement Framework and the appropriate skills to participate as a panel member within future LEP reviews.

Please note, once attended the Visitor Training Day colleagues should be prepared to attend future LEP reviews as an active member of the panel, this might include scheduled or exceptional visits.

If you have any queries regarding the content of the Visitors Training Day or are having problems with booking onto the session please contact the Education Development Quality Team  at

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