Selection into the Royal Navy

Potential officers must attend a two day Admiralty Interview Board at HMS Sultan in Hampshire. As well as a formal interview and a discussion exercise, candidates will be set a number of fitness and mental agility tasks including verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills, concentration and spatial orientation. Candidates will also be tested on potential leadership skills.


Routes into the Royal Navy

Undergraduate Cadetships

These are available to medical students in their final three years of medical school. As well as paying you a salary while you study, the Royal Navy will also pay your course fees. After graduation you will be appointed to your first naval post, where you will continue your medical training (Foundation Year One) for a period of 6 years from the date of full registration with the General Medical Council.

Qualified Doctors

Depending on your NHS experience, you will enter the Royal Navy on a Short Commission of 3 to 6 years.


Routes into the Royal Air Force

Students studying for a medical degree can apply for a university bursary of £4,000 a year for the first two years of study, and a University Cadetship of £10,400 to £14,600 per year for the last three years of their degree. In return, you will be expected to become a member of the University Air Squadron (UAS) and to join the RAF once fully registered with the General Medical Council.


Routes into the Royal Army Medical Corps

The Army sponsors suitable candidates during their last 3 years at medical school. The Undergraduate Cadetship scheme, known as a Medical Cadetship, can provide a financial incentive for those interested in serving as a medical officer. This requires the individual to serve for a minimum period of 6 years following full registration with the General Medical Council.


Routes into the Territorial Army

Experienced General Practitioners and Consultants with experience in any area may apply up to the age of 50, and in some circumstances, over the age of 50. The Territorial Army also recruits Medical Students, Senior House Officers and Specialist Registrars.