JEST (Job Evaluation Survey Tool) Distribution 2013

Trainees please note the month of your JEST Questionnaire. Completion is now compulsory for successful ARCP. If you do not receive a request according to the timetable or you have changed your Deanery e mail address please contact us via
If you report poor training (“needs attention” or ”unsatisfactory” ) please add a constructive comment


The Information Team capture feedback via on line questionnaires for all specialties and grades with the following exceptions:
Foundation Trainees: who are surveyed via a separate process. Psychiatry who have a separate survey and Dental trainees who have yet to be surveyed.  


A standard questionnaire is distributed to trainees via the Intrepid Online Survey module. This is done by  specialty according to the agreed JEST Timetable. Trainees  Heads of school and STC Chairs are notified of the forthcoming survey by an e mail from the Information Team, detailing the dates the survey is open for completion (Normally 4 weeks) and the fact that evidence of completion is aligned to their next ARCP outcome. Details of the web based link and their personal access code are distributed by the Intrepid server.

Mid Point Review

As well as three automated reminders being programmed to be sent to trainees who have yet to complete The Information Team e mail details of those who have yet to complete to the Heads of School and STC Chairs two weeks after the survey opens.


Once the survey has closed the Information Team collate the results into the JEST Matrix spreadsheet and forward this to the Heads of School together with Details of those who have completed. This is to be sent within 4 weeks of the survey closing. The Specialty Lead is copied into this and is also sent details of those who have not completed prior to the ARCP process.

Collation By Trusts

The Post graduate centres have access to the completed survey matrix via the Intrepid Reports menu.
Russell E A Smith MD FRCP
Associate Dean (Quality)