West Midlands Central Foundation School

The City of Birmingham has a diverse and active cultural base ranging from socially deprived, multi-ethnic inner city wards to wealthy suburbs. The city centre is dynamic with a huge range of bars, restaurants and cultural centres, and excellent links to the whole of the UK and Europe.

There are five teaching hubs in two major acute Trusts:

In addition, the School offers placements in Paediatrics at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Public Health at Warwick University and Sandwell Local Authority, Psychiatry at Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust and GP placements throughout the City and Solihull.

Most placements involve trainees in teaching medical students from the University of Birmingham Medical School.

The School has a well organised but demanding Foundation Programme that was one of the first established in the UK. A tight QA policy ensures training is to a high standard, with regular revision of teaching programmes and educational supervision practices.

In addition, all trainees are encouraged to participate in a Windmills career planning course, and ‘Taster’ weeks are available for F1 and F2 trainees. 

Foundation Teaching is organised centrally at each Hub on a weekly basis. Additional departmental teaching is also made available, which Foundation trainees are expected to attend. Teaching methods range from traditional lectures to interactive small group sessions, in which trainees are again expected to play a full part.

Linked application at programme level

Not applicable at allocation to programme stage.

Support for study abroad

West Midlands Central Foundation School does not support or accredit doctors who wish to undertake their F2 year outside the UK.

Foundation School contacts

Head of School: Dr Julian Chilvers
Foundation Programme Co-ordinator: Lyn Brogan
Postgraduate Dean: Dr Russell Smith
Education Quality and Performance Manager: Jason Mistry





Birmingham Children's Hospital Dr Esaivani Archary Ruth Witcombe
Dr Rafeeq Muhammed (Deputy Postgraduate Tutor) Christine Haskins
Mrs Jay Kumar (Education Quality Lead)  
Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Trust Dr Jayne Greening Sara Prosser
Heart of England Dr Ngozi Dufty Debbie Lewis
Good Hope
Heart of England Dr Phil Bright (Director of Medical Education) Terrie Davies
Heartlands/Solihull Dr Ola Erinfolami (Programme Director) Angela Hopkins
  Dr Deepak Parasuraman (Programme Director) Kim Vale
  Dr Amit Chaudhuri(Programme Director) Jayne Woodbine
  Dr Nagui El-Shimy (Programme Director) Ros Birkinshaw
Sandwell & West Birmingham Dr David Gull (Clinical Tutor) Karen Parry
City Hospital/Sandwell Hospital Dr Moe Oo (Foundation Lead) Nikki Smith
  Dr Huma Naqui (Foundation Lead)  Louise Tomkins
University Hospitals Birmingham Dr Mujahid Saeed Denise Burton
Queen Elizabeth Dr John Ayuk Katie Bray
    Surjit Mattu






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