Out of Programme (OOP) relates to trainees that wish to participate in an experience that is out of their planned programme of training.  There are a number of circumstances that trainees may wish to spend time out of programme; to gain training or clinical experience, to undertake research or to take a career break.

Time out of programme will not normally be agreed until a trainee has been in a training programme for at least a year and will not normally be allowed in the final year of training other than in exceptional circumstances. (Please note: The limitation regarding final year of training does not apply to 'acting up' applications)

Before applying for OOP, trainees must discuss their plans with their Educational Supervisor and/or Training Programme Director.  This discussion will determine the suitability of the out of programme experience and ensures the proposed post will meet the educational needs of the trainee.

Health Education West Midlands requires OOP Application Forms and supporting documentation to be submitted at least 6 months in advance of the proposed OOP start date. Please note that applications that do not meet the minimum 6 month timescale will be rejected and Trainees will not be supported to go on an OOP. It is the Trainee’s responsibility to ensure all relevant information as stipulated in the guidance document is submitted on time.

Medical trainees only - please note that you are also required to submit form C6 below three months before commencing your period of OOP, and form C7 three months before returning to training


Please note: You must not start your OOP training without receiving a letter confirming your OOP from the Programme Team at Health Education England.

HEEWM Out Of Programme Guidance - June 2020

Applying for OOP

  • If your form is not completed correctly it will be rejected, which could cause delays in your start date.
  • We should receive one form signed by all your signatories, forms should always be returned to you and then you send the form to the Programmes Team Programmes.WM@hee.nhs.uk and approval is only given once you receive a letter from us.
  • Please ensure that the correct OOP application is submitted to the Programmes Team. 
  • The Programmes Team NOW only accept fully signed application forms.
  • All OOP Application forms must be digitally signed
  • When sending the OOP Applications to the Programmes Team we should have one fully signed form with supporting documentation

Instructions for Completing & signing PDF forms

OOPT - Out of Programme Training, if time is counting towards training

OOPE - Out of Programme Experience, if time is not counting towards training

OOPR - Out of Programme Research

OOPC - Out of Programme Career Break

OOP_AUC - Out of Programme Acting Up Consultant Post

OOP_AUC - Public Health PGDiT only Out of Programme Acting Up Consultant Post

OOP_AUC Guidance  - Public Health PGDiT only Out of Programme Acting Up Consultant Post

OOP Extension - for all OOPs that you wish to extend


OOP Pause 

OOP Pause is a new application designed to give flexibility for trainees, if you are considering this option please read the below information and discuss with your TPD.

Guidance for Out of Programme Pause_How To Guide Trainees September 2020

OOP-P Phase 3 FAQs September 2020

OOPP Pilot Expansion Project_Guidance_September 2020

OOPP initiation and scope of practice form Ext (must download the form, and open in adobe, not a browser)

OOPP Application 



For Trainees taking time out of programme HEE would encourage to refer to the resources of the Supported Return to training process which can be accessed here.




All OOP Applications and Correspondence should be sent in one email to:




Page updated: 27.06.2018