Educational Supervision & Continued Professional Development Claims for the 19/20 financial year please see instructions below:


ES Payments


Please find the link on the right for an excel template which needs to be completed and sent to in order for you to make your claim. Please send this through to us as soon as possible for any educational supervision reviews relating to the 7th August 2019 - 4th February 2020 rotation. The Business Support team will then validate the information against E-Portfolio and send you a confirmation email with invoicing instructions along with templates to assist you.


If you have more than one Educational Supervisor who have completed reviews in the above period then please include all in your email.

Please do not raise an invoice without completing the claim template and only then on receipt of a confirmation email from us to confirm the practices claim has been validated.


  • Educational Supervisors complete reviews for their trainees every six months. For those reviews which are completed whilst the trainee is in a hospital post a fee of £250 can be claimed.
  • The amount of payment is £250 per report which includes preparation work beforehand and with a commitment of keeping in touch with a trainee between reports.
  • Claim forms MUST be received within the correct financial year in order for them to be processed and paid
  • Claims should only be made for GP ST1/ST2 trainees based in another GP Practice to their ES or hospital training posts. ES payments are not applicable when supervising a trainee based in the same practice as the supervisor (in most cases an ST3) in this instance the reports will be covered by the trainers grant each practice receives.



CPD Claims for the 19/20 financial year please see instructions below:


 How to Claim:


We require the practice to complete and return the attached claim form, a member of our team will then validate the claim. Once approved we will send you instructions and guidance on how to raise an invoice for the £500 allowance, please do not raise an invoice until you receive this confirmation from us. If there is more than one approved GP trainer at your practice, you may include all on one claim.


Who is Eligible?


The CPD allowance is for approved GP Trainers onlyThis cannot be claimed by Associate Trainers. Please do not submit an invoice for any Associate Trainer at your practice. Should you do this, you will be required to submit a credit note to remove this from the account and this will significantly delay the payment.


To qualify for these payments’ trainers must adhere to the following;

(1) Active GP trainers (within the last 2 years)

(2) Currently on the Performers List 

(3) Maintaining performance as a GP Trainer which must be evidenced in NHS appraisal documentation

By raising a claim, you declare that you meet all the qualifying and this will form part of an audit trail for NHS Finance purposes.


Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have any queries regarding any of the above, please contact 



Trainers Grants (automatic payment no invoice required)


From the 1 April 2019 the rate of payment has increased to £8,350 per annum this increase will be applied to the next payment run accordingly. 


Payments will continue to be made directly to the practice from HEE, a daily rate will be applied pro rata, calculating the applicable TG based on the period the trainee is in the practice.


TG Payments will be made during the following months and will include applicable trainer grants for all registrars and FY2 Trainees:      


  • September 19 to include TG for the period 6 February 2019 - 6 August 2019 (FY2 April 2019– August 2019 rotation included)


  •  March 2020 to include TG for the period 7 August 2019 – 4 February 2020 (FY2 August 2019 – December 2019 and  December 2019 - April 2020 rotations included)


You will be able to see what payments you have received through Open Exeter. Payments are made in line with rotations to ensure payments made are as accurate as possible.

Please contact us at if you have any queries relating to payments you have received. We will make adjustments to payments in subsequent months following payments should it be needed. If for example a trainee has left a placement early or been on sick leave for the placement therefore resulting in a change to the applicable trainer grant.





 If you have any queries regarding any of the above please contact

Page updated: 20th January 2020