North Foundation School Area

WM FireService

Advocacy for safe and well visits

BCHG (1)

Working via a job club to improve the health of unemployed people

BCHG (2)

Improving the health outcomes of young homeless people

Aspire Housing

Innovative Prevention for the ‘Extended Middle Age’

Central Foundation School Area

Brushstrokes (1)

Promoting best practice around co-sleeping with infants to migrants

Brushstrokes (2)

Investigating the impact of charging for NHS services on the health of migrant women on maternity pathways

Compass Support

Social interventions in primary care

Sandwell Visually Impaired

Patient journeys and identification of needs following diagnosis of sight loss

Midland Heart

Development and rolling out the health and wellbeing toolkit


Work to improve links between social prescribing projects in Solihull based in Gro-organic

Livingstone House

Developing a triage service for families of drug users

SEMH pathfinder

Working with families of children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties

Sandwell Parents of Disabled Children

Developing a healthy eating intervention for families with disabled children

South Foundation School Area

Worcester Community Trust

Community connectors helping socially isolated people

Rooftop Housing Association

Evaluating interventions around health, wellbeing and independence in the older people’s service

Halo Leisure

Improving referral pathways to physical activity for people with chronic conditions


West Midlands Public Health Community Fellowship Scheme Community projects for 2016/17