The aim of Continued Professional Development (CPD) is to ensure that practising public health professionals continually maintain and develop the necessary knowledge and skills to practice safely and effectively. The responsibility lies with the practitioner to complete CPD activities, accompanying them with documentary evidence as requested.

Practitioners accepted for registration are awarded a registration certificate by the UKPHR which is valid for 5 years subject to assurance that the practitioner demonstrates maintenance of professional competence (i.e. remains fit to practice).
See the UKPHR policy on CPD here;


Requirements of the UKPHR for continuing registration are a minimum of 75 hours of relevant CPD,  together with reflective comment, over a 5-year cycle. Of the minimum 75 hours, it is expected that at least 25 hours (1/3rd of the minimum required CPD) relates to the UKPHR four areas of practice for which you consider you need further learning. A log is provided as a tool to help practitioners systematically record their learning. CPD will be subject to audit by the UKPHR.



CPD log

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