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Specialty Recruitment This area provides details of all our vacancies and information about application process, to start searching for vacancies go to Round 1 under Sub Menu. For a full break down of how each Specialty will be recruited please visit Specialty Training website

You are also advised to read the Applicant handbook  thoroughly before applying before applying for any of the post detailed on the site.


IMT Year 3 Rotations

IMT Year 3 Rotations - 18 February 2019

IMTS1 is a three-year programme with IMY1 and IMY2 consisting of 3x4-month placements and IMY3 2x6-month placements, Intensive Care Medicine is undertaken as part of a placement in IMY2 and IMY3.


Please note speciality rotations are subject to change due to service reconfigurations, and changes in line with the shape of training. In the event of a change in rotation being required for these reasons, these will communicated as early as possible before a change takes place.


For trainees continuing in to IMY3 there will be a new preferencing/selection process in IMY2 to fairly allocate trainees to IMY3 training programme in 2020.


The West Midlands Region has been divided in to a number of geographies and at initial preferencing for IMY1 and 2 posts trainees will be aware of which posts (specialty, location and number are available in each geography. Choice of IMY3 post preferences will normally be restricted to the same region as IMY1 and IMY2 posts.


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Round 1 recruitment-CT1/ST1 & Run-through (For August - December 2019 start)

Adverts Wednesday, 31st October 2018
Applications Open From 10am, Wednesday 7th  November 2018
Applications Close At 4pm, Thursday 29th November 2018
Interview Window Thursday, 27th December 2018 - Friday, 1st March 2019
Initial Offers out By 5pm, Monday, 4th March 2019
Hold deadline At 1pm, Friday, 8th March 2019
Upgrade deadline At 4pm, Friday, 15th March 2019
Hierarchal deadline At 4pm, Wednesday, 20th March 2019

Round 1 - CT1/ST1 Re-adverts (For August - December 2019 start)

Adverts Wednesday, 13th February 2019
Applications Open At 10am, Tuesday, 26th February 2019
Applications Close At 4pm, Thursday, 14th March 2019
Interview Window
Monday, 8th April to Friday, 26th April 2019
Initial Offers out By 5pm, Tuesday 30th April 2019
Hold deadline At 9am, Friday 3rd May 2019
Upgrade deadline
At 5pm, Friday 3rd May 2019 

Round 2 - ST3/ST4+ Recruitment (For August - December 2019 start)

Adverts Tuesday, 22nd January 2019
Applications Open At 10am, Wednesday, 30th January 2019
Applications Close At 4pm, Wednesday, 20th February 2019
Interview Window Monday, 4th March to Wednesday, 24th April 2019
Initial Offers out By 5pm Thursday 25, April 2019
Hold deadline At 1pm Wednesday, 1st May 2019
Upgrade deadline At 4pm Friday, 3rd May 2019
Hierarchal deadline Tuesday, 7th May 2019

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