The clinical placements for forensic specialty trainees are based in 2 NHS Trusts:  Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust and Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.  Collectively these diverse services provide a broad training experience of different models of inpatient and outpatient forensic care for patients with a range of needs. Most trainees will work in both provider Trusts during the course of their higher training rotation, typically spending 2 years in BSMHFT and 1 year in MPFT.


Within each secure NHS service that provides educational placements on the scheme, all the consultant forensic psychiatrists participate in teaching and training, and some are accredited trainers for advanced training.  You will always be placed with an accredited trainer, and the majority of your clinical work and supervision will be with that consultant.  However, there are a wide range of additional opportunities to gain clinical, managerial, teaching and research experience though association with other consultants. 


Reaside, Tamarind and the Hatherton Centre are classed as male medium secure units, sitting between the high secure hospitals (Ashworth, Rampton and Broadmoor) and the low secure units (such as Hillis Lodge and Clee) which are generally for long-term inpatient stay and rehabilitation.



Reaside Clinic, Birmingham Great Park, Rubery, B45 9BE

The longest established forensic service in Birmingham, Reaside Clinic opened in 1987 and currently provides 92 beds for male patients in medium secure conditions.  Reaside has a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit, two acute wards and four rehabilitation wards including one specialising in complex communication needs. Patients at Reaside are typically admitted under a host locality team covering South Birmingham and surrounding counties including Coventry, Warwickshire, Hereford and Worcestershire and the Black Country. The FIRST (Forensic Intensive Recovery and Support Team) community team is also based here.



SpR Trainers at Reaside Clinic:

  • Dr Tom Clark, Clinical Director for Secure and Offender Health
    • Honorary senior clinical lecturer in Forensic Psychiatry at the University of Birmingham,  West Midlands Vice Chair of the Midlands and East of England Mental Health Act Approvals Panel, RCPsych Forensic Faculty Speciality Advisory Committee Chair.
  • Dr Leela Sivaprasad, Coventry Team (Inpatient and Outpatient) and Clinical Lead for Reaside Clinic
    • Lead psychiatrist at HMP Birmingham
  • Dr Fiona Hynes, Herefordshire and Worcestershire (Inpatient and Outpatient)
    • Dual trained in Forensic and General Adult psychiatry. Special interest in medical education, Associate Medical Director for Education and Training at BSMHFT
  • Dr Rajesh Moholkar, Black Country 1 (Inpatient and Outpatient)
    • Physical Health Lead for Secure Services. Senior Advisor to Public Health England, Specialist Advisor to the Care Quality Commission. Sessional psychiatrist at HMP Birmingham.
  • Dr Sajid Muzaffar, Black Country 2 (Inpatient and Outpatient)
    • Substance Use Lead for Secure Services. MAPPA lead for BSMHFT and specialist member of the England and Wales parole board. Sessional psychiatrist at HMP Birmingham. Chair of the BSMHFT Medical Advisory Committee and Guardian of Safe Working.
  • Dr Rebekah Bourne, FIRST (Community)
    • Special interests include the assessment and management of sex offenders and offenders with autistic spectrum disorder.


Hillis Lodge, Hollymoor Way, Northfield, B31 5HE

Near to Reaside Clinic is Hillis Lodge, a 15 bedded low secure recovery-based rehabilitation service for men.  

Consultant Trainer: Dr Renarta (Nat) Rowe

  • Deputy Medical Director for Quality and Safety for BSMHFT, Co-Chair of the Positive and Proactive Care Expert Panel


Tamarind Centre, 165 Yardley Green Road, Bordesley Green, B9 5PU

This hospital opened in the Bordesley Green area of Birmingham in 2012 and provides 89 male medium secure beds, including a unit for patients who require long term inpatient secure care and a service for patients who have personality disorder as well as mental illness. Patients here are typically from the Birmingham area. 

SpR Trainers at Tamarind Centre:

  • Dr Dinesh Maganty, PICU and Clinical Lead for Tamarind Centre
    • Chief Mental Health legislation officer for BSMHFT, special interest in expert witness work
  • Dr Jonathan Hurlow, Personality Focused Recovery Service
    • Substance Use lead for Tamarind Centre, RCPsych Professional Practice and Ethics committee member. Special interests include Mentalisation Based Therapy and philosophy.
  • Dr Rafiq Memon (Inpatient and Outpatient)
    • Physical health lead for Tamarind Centre, special interests in law and legal medicine.


Ardenleigh, Kingsbury Road,
Erdington, B24 9SA

Finally, Ardenleigh, to the north of Birmingham city centre, encompasses a 30 bed medium secure blended service for women across two acute wards and a rehabilitation ward, as well as both a low and medium secure forensic child and adolescent service (FCAMHS) offering 18 beds.  The community FCAMHS service, Youth FIRST, is also based here.

SpR trainers at Ardenleigh:

  • Dr John Croft (Inpatient and Outpatient)
    • Visiting psychiatrist at HMP Foston Hall
  • Dr Ruth Scally (Inpatient and Outpatient)
    • Visiting psychiatrist at HMP Foston Hall, special interests include the management of personality disorders in female patients and medical education.

Currently there are up to 6 placements for advanced training at Reaside Clinic, 2 placements at the Tamarind Centre and 1 placement working across both hospitals.  There are up to 2 placements in the women’s service at Ardenleigh and 1 placement at Hillis Lodge. 


Staffordshire & Shropshire

The Hatherton Centre, St George’s Hospital, Corporation Street, Stafford, ST16 3SR

The Hatherton Centre is a 47 bedded Medium Secure unit, for male mentally disordered offenders, sited within St George’s Hospital. It comprises two acute units, a rehabilitation ward and a PICU.


SpR trainers at The Hatherton Centre:

  • Dr Indraneal Ray
    • Medical Lead at the Hatherton Centre
    • Honorary Clinical Lecturer, Keele University.


  • Dr Jay Srinivas
    • Clinical Director, MPFT
    • Associate Medical Director MPFT
    • Clinical Director West Midlands Clinical Network NHSE
    • Special interest in medical management and leadership


  • Dr Matthew Tovey
    • Member of the RCPsych Council.
    •  Prison psychiatry lead for MPFT
    • Elected member of RCPsych Forensic Executive Panel. Deputy Chair (West Midlands) Midlands and East of England S12 approval panel
  • Dr Helen Whitworth, Training Programme Director
    • Trust MAPPA lead
    • Honorary Clinical Lecturer at Keele University.
    • Regional Advisor RCPsych West Midlands.
    •  Elected member of RCPsych Forensic Executive Panel. Deputy Chair (West Midlands) Midlands and East of England S12 approval panel


The Redwoods Centre, Somerby Drive, Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury SY3

The Clee Unit is in Shrewsbury and consists of Willow, a 20 bedded low secure rehabilitation service and Yew, a 12 bedded acute low secure service, situated within the Redwoods Centre.

SpR Trainers at Clee Unit:

  • Dr Lavanya Sebastian
    • Visiting psychiatrist at HMP Featherstone
    • Shropshire MAPPA lead

There are up to 3 training placements at the Hatherton Centre and 1 at the Clee Unit.