Programmes Team 

The Programmes team deal with LTFT Training, process OOP Applications, help with recalculating CCT dates, Placement updates, liaising with Lead Employer.  Your Programme Administrator is Nicola Watts ;

Placement Policy was agreed October 2020 and is being implemented for the second year now

Placement Policy

The Programmes Team have been working with the TPD's and we have developed the Placement Timeline below that we are working towards to make the whole process easier. 



5 December 2022

Email to all Trainees

5 December 2022

Placement Profiles added to the Website

27 January 2023

Final day for the Placement Preference forms to be received, please email 

(any received after this date will not be used and trainees will be placed where the TPDs agree on)

15 March 2023

TPD Placement Planning Meeting will be going on to discuss the preference forms trainees have submitted

March 2023/early April 2023

Appeals will be processed

April 2023

The Programmes Team will contact trainees via email of their placements

April 2023

The Programmes Team will update TIS with the Placement information

April 2023

The Programmes Team will inform Lead Employer of the 12 months placements for each trainee


We have received Placement profiles but in order to save space on emails etc we have added them to one document 

Preference forms and Placement profiles will be added to the website in due course.